Minecraft Minigames Network

Custom games

Custom Games

All the games available on Project Pork are made by ourself making them different from other servers and more fun to play.

Player friendly

Player Friendly

We at Project Pork aim to offer a place that is friendly to any player no matter what making everything easy but still secure to use.

Community Friendly

Community Friendly

Project Pork tries to listen to the community as much as possible and involve them in the design of things!


About Project Pork

Project Pork is a Minigames network originally founded in 2014. Back in those days it was just a single Towny server. In April 2015 the server upgraded to a Minigames Network offering not only the old Towny server but also some more Minigames. It stayed that way for just over a year, until the 15 July 16 when the server got a full relaunch with new custom games.

On the 2nd of October 2016 the server was shutdown after the owner Gyllie joined another network as a full time developer. All files were still kept secured in case Gyllie ever decided to reopen the server when he would no longer be with that network. And so here we are, 1.5 years later where the server is currently under development again.